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you have to believe in yourself!”

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Life Goals: Cook with love, live somewhere beautiful, inspire people, be happy with less, & take care of those I love. ❤ #ily #cookingwithchris

"A cool thing to do is to love and accept yourself and drink juice and be nice and live life and realize that everything’s going to be okay."

My little bromeliad family full of life, love, acceptance and support. Everything is going to be okay! 💚 #ily #tillandsia #bromeliad #family #diy #love #rustboy #inspirational #plants #quote


I need your help! I need your retweet, reblog, and share. I’ve monetized my video “My Gynecomastia and Me” to help raise funds for reconstructive surgery. The more views the video gets, the better chance I have of getting the surgery I need. The surgery that will help me live a better quality of life, and hopefully give me the boost of confidence I need to pursue my dreams. If it’s not too much to ask of you, please share my story and video.

All my gratitude and love,

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Magical unicorn says “Love is the master key that opens up the gates of happiness” and he loves you. He’s such a wise and loving unicorn! ♡ ily too!

This little cutie! Looking fabulous in his new tillandsia weave. 💚
Loving my new tillandsia, they’re so cute!

OMG guys I accidentally came out in my science class because the teacher is so frigging hot! ❤ 🙈 #holyshit #happy #nationalcomingoutday! #lgbt+

I hope all my friends are well today. Sending hugs wherever needed. ♡ #ily #hugs #lgbt+ (at Qootleville)

Have a beautiful day, all of you tasty delicious morsels! ❤ #ily #lgbt+

Glitter on! ❤ #ily #quote

In case your reluctant on buying plants off the internet. I thought they were going to be totally discombobulated and hanging on for dear life. I read some bad reviews, but my experience was pretty good! 💚 #cacti #succulent #love #lgbt+